The kitchen remodeling was a part of a larger apartment renovation project. It involved removing and disposing of old cabinets, flooring, and installing new kitchen cabinets, backsplash, granite countertops and new flooring, we made sure to read the removing grout tools tutorial in order to use the best tools for our new floors. In this apartment, we used Ikea cabinets. Painting was done by scratch, visit this website for more information about.

Alex provided a full kitchen remodeling in our new condo. He took down old cabinets and installed new Ikea cabinets that we picked, he also installed our commercial refrigeration equipment. You can also try out this site out for your kitchen improvements. He installed a tile backsplash and new flooring. He’s literally transformed our kitchen. Now we kind of want to do our garage as well but with industrial shelving.

Even after all of that installed a gas cooktop which we came to know there are a number of other reasons chefs prefer to cook on gas. Some find the way pots stay in place on the heavy grates of cooktops infinitely more user-friendly than smooth, slippery glass induction surfaces. Others love the way gas heats the sides as well as the bottom of pans because of the residual heat escaping. Many properties will benefit from new tile grout in the wall or floor Kitchen tiles. This useful skill can be learned easily from this removing grout tools tutorial that details the process and the tools needed. New grout will greatly increase the look of tiles and boost property value.

We would hire Alex again or an expert kitchen renovation contractor to do any upgrades around the house in the future. 

Here are some of the before and after photos: