Finding a house painting company or professional painters for residential or commercial painting job that will provide the quality work you expect may not be as easy as it may seem. Not all paint jobs are equal and the difference is in detail. Quality residential painting projects will leave your walls, ceilings, and woodwork carefully painted with straight lines and smooth surfaces with few, if any, visible imperfections. A skillful painting company or an expert interior and exterior painter will share their expertise and deliver “no mess no stress” experience that won’t have a disrupting effect on your home and life while the project lasts. You’ll be sure that the interior and exterior painting will be perfect because of their professional skills and expertise, as well as with the right paint supplies and equipment.

Here are some tips what to look for when choosing a House Painters Gold Coast:

Know Your Priorities

Are you looking for a quality, high-end paint job or a budget option? Are you looking for a fast turn around or prefer a skilled contractor to focus on the quality instead? For rental properties, you might want to look for painting companies that delivery quick services for less. However, if your priority is a high level of service for your exterior home painting project, remember to ask who will actually do the job and what is their experience level. Look for services that will provide quality, timely, and experienced residential painting.

Reviews and References

A skilled interior and exterior painting contractor will be able to share reviews and references. Whether they are available online or by request, the best vetting system involves proven record of successfully delivered project that fit your needs and expectations.

Written Estimate and Consultation

Make sure the contractor provides you with a written estimate that includes the scope of the project, materials and specifications since is different a plain room than the sports wallpapers your kid wants. It will be a binding contract that will help you keep track of the project and define what you can expect as part of the service.

License and Insurance

Your residential or commercial painting contractor must have a state-issued license, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance if he hires employees. A reputable contractor will be willing to share all of the documentation if asked. It protects you and your home as well as their business.


The ideal contractor should be neat, punctual, businesslike and on the job to either provide the services or supervise employees to ensure your needs and contract details are met.