Fresh interior painting is a must when you want to update your home. In addition to making your home clean and refreshed, new paint can be an easy and inexpensive way to modernize it’s style. Here are some tips on how to use interior painting to make your home look like a designer’s dream.

  1. Use Neutral Paint Colors

According to a residential painting contractor, beige, grays and white tones are especially popular modern pallet that will give your home a high-fashion feel. You can add personality to each room with colorful accessories, pillows, curtains. Your walls will be the perfect background for the vibrant colors of your choice.

  1. Consider Skimcoating Your Walls

Many layers of paint add unwanted texture to the walls making them look dated. To give your home a new construction feel, ask your painting contractor to fix imperfections and orange peal texture by smooth the walls first.

  1. Keep Those Lines Straight

It may seem like a small detail but sloppy paint job will significantly affect the overall look and feel of your home. Fresh and modern style needs a perfectionist finish.

  1. Paint or Replace Woodwork

Your beautifully painted walls will really pop against a flawlessly white woodwork. That’s why painting existing baseboards, doors and door frames or even replacing them is a relatively inexpensive improvement that will freshen and modernize your home.

  1. Consider Hiring a Professional Interior Painting Contractor

Fresh paint job will refresh your home only if done correctly by professional interior painting and exterior painting contractors. Poor quality painting, uneven surfaces, nail pops, sloppy lines will significantly lower the return of this investment.