While we all dream about a shinny new kitchen from time to time, a complete kitchen remodel can often be cost prohibitive. New cabinets installation can cost thousands of dollars and the whole project can become a major investment when you include new backsplash, flooring and paint job, but you can look for the dremel rotary tools to make your job easier. Replacing your not-so-modern but still functional kitchen cabinets may not be the most cost-effective solution. Fortunately, there are other ways to completely have your kitchen remodeling for a fraction of the cost.

Kitchen cabinets refinishing is a perfect way to fall in love with your wooden cabinets again, and with a great variety of the colors on the market, you have even more design options. If you’re looking to add some flair to your outdoor kitchen, explore the option of stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets.

When planning the kitchen cabinets refinishing project consider the following:

1. Solid wood vs. pressed wood cabinets

While solid wood custom cabinets are best candidates for refinishing,  you can also paint your pressed wood cabinets if they are still in good shape. Talk to your painting professional to determine if refinishing project is the right solution for your kitchen,

2. Choosing your paint 

When choosing your colors, check paint specifically designed for cabinets, such as Benjamin Moore Advance paint, I recommend you read this post here to learn more about colors. Consider off-white, neutral tones to give your home a modern appeal or go boldly with colors if you want a funky style. The internet if full of inspirations! While painting your home it’s important to use an air purifier. IIf you don’t knw what that is, then check out the VOC air purifier explained review. 

Your refinished cabinets will need new hinges. This small detail can really impact the final look. Brush nickel sleek hinges will go well with modern kitchen, while antique brass will be a great addition to a cottage kitchen style.

3.  Pick new hardware

You can go to the nearest hardware store in your place.

4. Backsplash and flooring

Your kitchen will feel like a complete remodel if you decide to change your backsplash and flooring. Tile work maybe an extra cost but you will love the outcome!

5. Hire a professional

While the internet if full of DIY ideas for refinishing your kitchen, having it done professionally will do a world of difference. From prepping the surface, such as removing polyurethane from old cabinets, to applying the paint evenly to achieve high quality finish, the final result of your project depends on knowledgable and experienced hand. You will enjoy your refinished kitchen longer when done professionally.


Here are some beautiful kitchen cabinets colors. Get inspired: